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14 popular mobile-device email signatures | B2B Marketing

If you use email frequently – and who doesn’t these days – there’s a good chance that you check your email on your mobile phone. That line of text you include (or exclude) on the bottom of emails you send from your phone can tell a lot about you. Keep reading for some examples of

mobile email signatures

– and what they really mean!

  1. iPhone. iTypos. iApologize. – This one is rather easy to interpret. You have an iPhone and you think you’re a clever, funny person.

  2. Sent from my my Commodore 64 – You’re a funny person… and old if you can remember the Commodore 64 computer!

  3. My iPhone can’t spell for carp. – This is another one that highlights the fact that you have an iPhone. The autocorrect of crap to carp is a nice touch.

  4. Send from my Windows Phone (no, it’s true, I actually use one!) – This is a plea to everyone that you’re cool because you’re using a

    Windows Phone

    while most people use other phones – any other phone.

  5. Sent from the bottom of my heart. – Aww, this one is a bit sweet. However, depending on the email message you’re sending it may or may not apply.

  6. Sent by carrier pigeon. – This one is very common. Basically, it takes the general formula and changes it with an ancient communication technique. Kinda funny.

  7. Sent directly from my brain via nanotechnology – On the other end of the technology spectrum, this one says you’re always thinking about the future.

  8. Sent by your iMom – This combines a “your mamma” joke with a mobile email signature, but it works.

  9. Sent from a galaxy far, far away. – You’re a

    Star Wars


  10. Sent from a rotary phone. – This is another one that goes back in time, but it doesn’t go as far back as a carrier pigeon.

  11. Sent from an iPhone -manufactured in China by exploited workers. – You can even be socially active and protest the world’s ills with your mobile email signature!

  12. Sent from Hal… affirmative Dave, I read you. – This is another one that hints at a science fiction fan.

  13. Sent from iPhone 6. – This one drives people crazy, especially if they only have an iPhone 5 or a lower model number.

  14. Sent from my 1984 Samsung Car Phone – This one is sort of “Back to the Future” themed with a nod to the original bricks known as mobile phones.


Of course, the list above isn’t even a fraction of all the different

mobile email signatures

that exist. Have a clever one of your own? Leave a comment below!

Sheila Kurdinger has a question – “Do you know where I can

sell my Apple iPhone

?” When not looking for the answer to that, he enjoys writing interesting articles and guest posts to share with the rest of the Internet.

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