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15 quotes to inspire your account based marketing

These insightful quotes from the account-based marketing pros at November’s conference will inspire you to master your ABM

On 5 November, 500 fired-up account-based marketers joined us for B2B Marketing’s annual ABM conference in London. They heard from more than 40 expert speakers, learning from their successes and failures, and gaining insight as to how they might perfect their own programmes.

To help you along your ABM journey, we’ve gathered together 15 of the best quotes from the day to inject some account-based wisdom into your day.

“Sales are trained to negotiate in a hard environment, so expect them to negotiate with you. As a marketer, data trumps all” - Edyta Malesza-Malatrat, SAP
“Beware of the quick win. You might be labelling things ABM when they’re not. When you get a quick win, make sure it’s part of your strategy.” - Ross O’Neill, Cloudera
“When you’re trying to create change, you also need to change the mindset of the organisations you work with because they’re used to doing things their way.” - Gemma Davies, ServiceNow
“ABM is all about building better quality relationships; the ROI will follow.” - Andy Bacon, B2B Marketing
“Don’t use your ABM customer knowledge to work out what gift to send. That feels like you’re buying them. Use it to find something you genuinely have in common.” - Patricia Collins, IBM
“With account management, I think it’s a long-term strategic partnership. It’s almost like a marriage, and in this case, it’s with your account.” - Mike Green, Capita
“ABM is not about just getting quick results. It’s a transformational programme.” - Robert Hollier, Momentum ABM
“Many people make the mistake of just adding ABM to the marketing team’s day job. If you want to do it well, give the team the capacity to do it properly.” - Bev Burgess, Senior Advisor and Author
“A lot of people top and tail content to ‘personalise’ it. True ABM content will transform what your customer is doing, it drives change and an emotional connection.” - Renaye Edwards, Digital Radish
“Sixty - 80% of the buyer’s journey is hidden or pre-funnel. But, intent data and ABM can help you proactively target those buyers when they’re showing a propensity to purchase.” - Andre Yee, Triblio
“The problem with CRM systems is that they’re mostly full of stuff salespeople have put in them.” - Riaz Kanani, RadiateB2B
“The best ABMers come from a PR background because they are better able to ‘read’ their clients and respond to things like crisis comms.” - Kate Owen, Capita
“It shouldn’t always cost big bucks to access accounts... it’s also about building relationships which can be done through social selling and relationship-based marketing .” - Sarah Goodall, Tribal Impact
“Personalisation starts with data. If you don’t have all the insights, you won’t be able to personalise effectively.” - Kirsty Dawe, Really B2B
“We’ve been distracted by tech over the last few years; relationship marketing is on its way back.” - Peter O’Neill, Martech Consultant

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