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2021 ADA Website Accessibility Standards & Requirements – Everything You Need to Know! | B2B Marketing

One out of four people is facing some sort of disability which results in more than 20% of the adult population in the USA are facing disabilities that negatively impact their ability to use the website and consume its content.

With the rise in the number of lawsuits, it has become imperative for businesses to build ADA-compliant websites. Having an ADA-compliant website helps businesses to avoid potential legal lawsuits and penalties.

WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and are the standards frequently referenced to ensure web accessibility. When we deal with ADA compliance, WCAG guidelines are the defacto rules to make your website ADA accessible to the users. Building an ADA-compliant website entails a lot many things that achieve compliance for your websites.

No matter what the web application is and what platform it is built on, whether it is a Drupal website, Magento, WordPress, Symphony, or an ecommerce website or developed by any web languages like PHP, Laravel, Drupal, Java, Dot Net, etc. we make sure they are ADA compliant.

Read this guide to learn:

  • Why is an ADA accessibility compliance mandatory?
  • How to build ADA-Compliant website in 2021?
  • Benefits of Making Websites ADA Compliant.
  • How Can Small Businesses Afford Accessibility?
  • How can Skynet Technologies help you with

    ADA Web Accessibility Services?

Whether you need help with ADA web accessibility, ADA website audit,

ADA compliant website design


accessibility web development


ADA compliant mobile app

or improve your business website reach, we got everything covered for you.

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