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3 ways to create an Olympic-winning team culture

The big gold medal. That’s what Great Britain’s Olympic hockey player Helen Richardson-Walsh and her team wanted. And after 17 years of trying, that’s what she got. She took to the stage at our September 2019 Leaders Forum to explain how her team created the culture for success. Molly Raycraft reports.

When the GB women’s hockey team stepped onto the podium at the Rio Olympics in 2016, they had tears in their eyes. They’d just become Britain’s first all-female hockey team to win an Olympic gold medal and as they hugged and celebrated their victory, they couldn’t have felt more close to one another.

But that wasn’t always the reality. “We weren’t all best friends in the team, far from it. There were arguments and niggles, even at the Olympic games,” says Helen Richardson-Walsh, the team’s midfielder. 

Helen believes that it wasn’t until the team was able to manage its differences that it became capable of that gold standard. They – like many others – had to work hard to become more unified, embracing and respecting the differencing between them. But once they had, it made their win all the more rewarding.

Here, Helen explains the steps they took and how you can do the same for your marketing team. 

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