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30 under 30 in B2B marketing: The winners ranked and revealed

From sharp strategists to nifty networkers, Molly Raycraft reveals the top 30 B2B marketers under 30

We wanted to find and celebrate the best young talent in B2B marketing, so over the past couple of months we’ve sourced and quizzed B2B marketers from across the industry and can now reveal the names you need to look out for.

Unlike the usual ‘pick a name from a hat’ awards lists, nominees for this have been meticulously vetted from a longlist of 75 first-round names (and an even larger list of nominees) recommended by their peers and partners.

This feature has been written exclusively for our members. Membership is free and only takes five minutes to complete, giving you access to:

  • The full list of the top 30 B2B marketers under 30
  • The criteria on which the list is based.

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