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5 Proofreading Tools to Help Your Content Marketing | B2B Marketing

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There are a number of business houses that provides business to business end to end solution for various business activities. In a business marketing is a very important activity that one needs to understand and ignorance to it can be costly. There are a number of agencies that can help one to get things in the best manner. In the world of content marketing, one must learn more effective way of presentation that can create a positive image of the business and can attract potential clients to be associated with the business.

In the content marketing, the presentation must be to the point and in an effective manner with proper weightage allocation to every word as each and every word can change the ultimate meaning of the presentation. After the completion of write ups one must check it to be sure about its being error free. The human eyes have a limitation and therefore, one can depend on various tools which can help one to trace the errors. Though there are a number of such tools available online, but here are a few of them which are considered as most effective tools for proof reading.

The proof reading tools



The grammarly is a well-known proof reading tool across the online platform. One can check the contents online which helps one to spot grammar errors as well as plagiarism issue also. There are various sections which take care of various categories of proof reading and help the editor to provide the best output in a shorter period. It has free as well as a paid version which one can use. The best part is it can be used as a plug-in with MS-Word also and hence one does not need to go to the website for checking the errors. It can spot all the errors in a single go.


This online tool is much more useful for different needs of the editor. More details about this tool are at

. It spots the error and also provides best fit available for the erroneous word or phrase. It also helps to track and replaces passive voice statements also. One can simply copy and paste the target content and it immediately checks the validity of every word. It also suggests the correction of words and explain the error. It is free to join this tool.



The most effective and easy to use tool for editing purpose is this software. It is also available in free as well as a paid version. However, for paid version there are many advanced systems than the free version, but the free version of this tool is also too effective. It can help one auto correct the term and the best part is it can spot the typing error which makes it also a more reliable tool than many other tools. It also provides the replacement of sentences which is known as rephrasing however, it is available with a paid version only.


Slick write:

One more famous editing tool is Slick Writer. The tool is power pack performance in terms of tracking the errors and replacing them with the best available fit words. It provides an instant result and makes way for correction promptly that helps to save a lot of time on the editor’s part.



One of the most effective editing tool is paperRater. There are various fields which are checked by this tool and can make the content looking far better with better vocabulary and sentence build up. It also checks the content thoroughly in no time and helps one to get it done in a few minutes.



Though, there are many such tools available for editing on the internet, however, one can choose the best as per own convenience as every tool has a few different features which can help one effectively. The paid version is always more useful than the free version and trials.

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