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5 Tips For Making Your Creative Promotional Products Work | B2B Marketing

When you attend a trade show or seminar and receive a gift bag, think about the items that you take home with you and the ones you leave behind. Some of the most popular items include samples, food (chocolate is especially popular), soap and even books. Some of the least popular items include business cards and flyers. If you are about to present at a trade show, event or seminar, we have provided 5 tips to help ensure that your creative promotional products work.

  1. Have a consistent look and feel to your marketing message

    This consistency needs to be carried across the whole business, from your website and business cards to your promotional items and social media posts. It can be as simple as using your brand colours across all of these platforms or it can be as complex as using the exact same font. If everything has a similar look and feel, you can rest assured that your audience will more easily remember you.

  2. Ensure that promotional products are items people want

    There is nothing worse than being saddled with a heap of junk that you’re going to throw away the moment you get home. Instead, you should ensure that your promotional items are things that people actually want to keep and will use. There is a massive range of products to choose from, from confectionary and travel accessories to bags and sporting goods, which will ensure your items are kept.

  3. Tie your promotional items into each specific audience

    Think about the audience you’re presenting to and choose creative promotional products to match. If the kinds of people in attendance travel a lot, opt for travel related items (such as luggage straps and toiletry bags). If the kinds of people in attendance have children, opt for items that they’re kids might like (such as confectionary and stress shapes). Try to steer clear of products that everyone hands out.

  4. Be smart when it comes to partnerships and events

    You should always be on the lookout for opportunities that will allow your investment to go further. Have you ever considered partnering with another business (that offers a complementary service or product rather than a direct competitor)? Ensure that photos are taken at the event, then have both businesses share them (tagging the other) for greater reach. There are plenty of other ways to form partnerships.

  5. Giveaway left over promotional items to avoid wastage

    If, after the trade show or seminar has drawn to a close, you are left with some products that are perfectly good but won’t really suit your future marketing campaigns, you can give hold a giveaway via your newsletter or even a social media competition. As long as the products promote your business and are something that your audience would like to win, this is much better than leaving them in a dusty box.

We hope that you find the above tips useful in ensuring that your chosen creative

promotional products

work for your business. Whilst they generally apply to trade shows, seminars and other events where you will be handing them out to anyone and everyone, they can also apply to your marketing strategy in general. At the end of the day, it’s important to think carefully about your audience and the types of products they would like to receive.

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