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5 Ways Banner Stands Will Get People’s Attention | B2B Marketing

When space is already limited, you might be tempted to skip it altogether. But think again! Banner stands are small but mighty. When used effectively, they can really pack a big punch when it comes to drawing visitors to your booth.

How To Use Banner Stands To Your Advantage

The trick, of course, is coming up with unique ways to use your banner stands. After all, the whole point is to stand out from the pack, not to blend in! Here are five ways you can jazz up your display to attract more attention.

Summarize important facts

Use your banner stands as sort of a preview for the rest of your display. With a few bullet points, highlight important facts, statistics, or numbers that emphasize the points that you really want your audience to take away from your presentation.

Draw people’s eyes

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised at how many companies forget that their portable displays need to be eye-catching as well as informative! Bright colors and eye-catching graphics are your friends – but don’t overdo it or it will get jumbled and confusing. Try asking a hypothetical question or presenting a problem that needs to be solved. Anything that makes your audience want to learn more will draw them into your booth and right where you want them.

Include visual representations of data

A list of facts and numbers won’t attract attention, but infographics will! Pie charts, bar graphs, and other visuals will put your company’s important data in an easy-to-understand and memorable format.

Make an impression

Since your banner stands are what people will see both coming in to your booth and going back out, they need to make a lasting impression on your visitors. Try to make them catchy and succinct, and consider double-sided banners to enhance your marketing message.

Include your contact information

Seemingly another no-brainer, but don’t underestimate how important this is! After all, none of your visitors can follow up with you if they don’t know how to reach you, so it makes sense to include your contact info in as many places as possible. This way, even if passers-by are in a hurry and don’t have time to stop in and get a business card, they can at least jot down your phone number or even take a smartphone picture of your signs so they know how to reach you later on.

When it comes to designing trade show displays, banner stands might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But don’t underestimate their power! By including eye-catching graphics, a summary of relevant facts, and most importantly your contact information, those seemingly simple display modules will make a big difference in the impression you’ll make on your customers.

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