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6 great examples of VR and AR in B2B marketing | B2B Marketing

Download this free collection of case studies to learn how top B2B brands are deploying virtual and augmented reality in marketing to great effect

B2B marketing has been talking about the opportunities offered by AR and VR for a long time. A really, really long time. The technology is there, but meaningful, effective examples are hard to find. Look beyond events and product demos and they’re almost non-existent. Why is that? Are we missing a trick? Or should we all just stop hyping it up?

These six case studies from B2B brands will show you why mixed reality is more than just a fad, and needs to be taken seriously.

Download this free, 16-page collection to learn:

  • How Lloyd’s Register created a VR safety simulator to train workers in the energy industry how to handle catastrophic situations.
  • How Ottobock used AR to demonstrate the inner workings of its prosthetic limbs.
  • How Key Technology developed a VR simulation to take users on the journey of a green bean through one of its sorting machines.

The free download will also tell you:

  • The difference between virtual and augmented reality and what types of marketing they can be used for.
  • How to overcome the five main barriers to adoption of VR and AR in B2B.
  • Why it’s no longer just a fad, but will soon be a tool in every B2B marketer’s arsenal.
  • How VR and AR can support the sales process, provide differentiation and position your brand as an innovator.

Six great examples of VR and AR in B2B Marketing

“By 2022 the number of VR experiences in B2B will account for 40% of all experiences”

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