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7 Tips for Content Marketing and Article Writing for Small Businesses | B2B Marketing

content marketing
If you are an owner of a small business, then you’re surely aware of the importance of content marketing. Do you know how to use the entire potential of this technique? Many businessmen think that all they need to do is commit themselves to a regular publishing schedule, but their efforts remain fruitless.

If you want to meet your goals and push the limits further, then you have to do everything right in terms of content marketing. Every piece you publish makes an impact to current or potential consumers. These tips will help you optimize your content marketing campaign to achieve better results:


Make a plan and stay true to it!


first rule

for an efficient campaign is to produce enough content and serve it to your audience according to a properly-planned schedule. Create a weekly or monthly calendar that will help you stay on track. Make sure to give yourself enough time for research, brainstorming, article writing, and publishing.

If your business is present on multiple social media platforms, then you need to include them all in your plan. Your


is especially important, so make sure to map out ideas in advance and think of the posts you’re going to publish. Of course, you need to be flexible and leave space for the changing nature of trends on the Internet.    


Target the right audience!

Your content marketing campaign will fail to deliver results if you don’t specify the needs and expectations of your target audience. Who are you trying to attract? Who would be interested in reading your content? What would they like to gain from it? How can you convert those readers into paying customers?

All these questions are important guiding points that will help you create actionable content. 


Use visual incentives!

You feel like you’ve published the most interesting piece of content, but don’t get enough engagement by your readers? If you don’t make your articles easy to digest, they won’t be appealing to the visitors and you’ll lose their attention after few sentences.

Breaking up the text with visual content is the best way to engage your visitors. If you aim for ultimate success with your content marketing campaign, you should consider something more effective than images:




Evaluate the results!

If you want to publish great content, you need to evaluate your current results and understand what works. If the traffic to your main website is coming from one or two social media accounts, then you should consider abandoning the platforms that don’t bring good results, but require the same amount of work.

The best way to encourage greater engagement through your content is promotion. Remember the

Pareto principle

? In terms of content marketing, it can be translated like this: you need to spend 20% of your time creating high-quality content, and 80% promoting it on the right platforms.


Recycle content!

When you don’t have enough time to conduct a proper research and create a good post on a certain topic, you can repurpose a post you have already published. Write a supplemental article to the category of posts that already attracted attention.

Create different categories on your website and tag them with proper keywords. That will provide your readers with a valuable source of information that gets regular updates. 



When you own a small business, you have many responsibilities to deal with, so the goals of your content marketing campaign are sometimes impossible to meet. If you realize that you cannot stay on track, you should consider hiring a content marketing expert, a marketing agency, or a writing service like

Edu Geeks Club


That’s the best way to ensure the success of your campaign without sacrificing too much of your time.


Aim for long-term results!

Many business owners have started their content marketing campaigns and given up on them because of one reason: they weren’t patient enough to wait for the results. If you expect instant gratification, you will surely be disappointed.

Remember: content marketing is a long-term strategy that requires great consistency, monitoring, and constant efforts.                                                  

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