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7 ways to incorporate photographs into your B2B marketing strategy | B2B Marketing

Popular social networking sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and – especially –  Instagram, with its 200 million worldwide users, prove that our society is obsessed with taking pictures and sharing them with the world. It’s no secret that a great portfolio, together with a well-written copy can sell almost anything. So today, why don’t we talk about the ways you can use pictures to boost your B2B marketing. Read on to find out our 7 most effective strategies.


 Take care of your image

Of course potential clients are interested in your portfolio, but you should also take into account that the other party wants to know who you are and how you work. Use photos to tell your company’s story, give insights to its culture, and present your team. It will boost the credibility of your business and at the same time create a cohesive image of the company.


Jasper James

Upscale company’s website

Stunning website guarantees a great first impression. If you present your prospects with well-organized, clear and fully functioning page, the other company will be more encouraged to go into business with yours. A well-crafted portfolio showcases your talent and technical abilities, but there is also another way to show off your best work – you can use it to reinvent the background of your company’ page. It is underappreciated, yet highly effective marketing strategy, because it effortlessly displays your products.


Visual appeal for attention

If you are running a professional blog you should consider using pictures to crank up the visual appeal of your site. You can carefully select images to break up a text to catch and hold the interest of your readers. However, it’s not enough to feed them stock images, so remember to choose some of your most outstanding shots. Only then it is going to give some results and translate into measurable marketing success.


Anderson Marques

Creative possibilities and redistribution of channels

The biggest advantage of social media sites is that it is extremely easy to share various contents, so do not forget to use different social media channels to boost your B2B online marketing. Visually compelling picture has the power to attract hundreds of new social media followers, which will consequently strengthen brand awareness. If you already have company’s Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest page, try to work on improving social interactions with your fans.


Branding through image

Your photographs have can promote your company and spread the word about your services. By submitting your page to Google Local and properly marking your photos, your images will show up in relevant local search results and feature your business on Google Maps. Clients are more likely to make contact with a company when they see some pictures directly in their search engine.


JR Vechietti

Show & Tell

Images are also perfect for tutorials. As a wedding photographer, you have plenty of possibilities to educate your clients. You can make tutorials for posing, case studies for perfect group photo, and even galleries with behind the scenes photos. It is also a great idea to present and describe your equipment.



Make a scene

As a professional photographer you must already have an impressive portfolio, so why don’t you use it to organize a presentation for your potential clients. You can transform your office into a pop-up gallery and arrange a sort of opening, combined with a business pitch. It will guarantee your company more exposure.


 We hope you are now convinced that images are paramount to engage with the audience and promote social interactions. But most importantly, by using our techniques you will be able to attract more potential clients and boost your conversion rate. So if you are not using photos to drive your sales, it’s high time to catch up!


Sarah Taylor is an avid writer and photographer working at

Veri Photography

where she constantly hones her skills, letting her passion speak through her texts and photos.


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