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7 Ways to Integrate Social Media Marketing with Current Marketing Strategies | B2B Marketing

Social media is a complete world in itself. Right from high efficiency platforms like Facebook, Twitter to photo video sharing platforms like Instagram and YouTube, social media is ruling the world of individuals and brands. Right from blogs to the sharing media platforms, each one is useful as a penetration tool.

Social media images

The various platforms that have marked their presence as a social media platform cannot create a major difference when used as a standalone. You need to devise a strategy in which you can use them in an integrated format. You cannot just use social media channels, but you will need to integrate the social media channels into your marketing options and base out a

360 degree marketing strategy

. Here’s how you integrate social media marketing strategies to your existing marketing strategies to enhance your brand image and standard

1. Twitter Channel to Enhance Customer Service

A single Twitter account should not be used to handle every aspect of the brand. You cannot use the same Twitter account to promote your brand and handle your consumers. Make sure you have separate Twitter accounts for both.Create a

Twitter account

that specifically handles consumer queries, feedback, and their concerns. This would help enhance the business model.

2. Integrate your Email to your Social Media Platform

This is one of the best ways to market your brand combining social media with existing strategies. You can have an Email template that you use whenever you are mailing your clients. You can have social media icons built into your template. This is one of the best ways to market your brand. Social sharing buttons on your Email template is another way of integrating the two. You can use Email marketing platforms to build in your follower base.

3. Collaborate Good Content with Social Media

When you indulge in this collaboration, the result is excellent SEO for your brand. Have you not heard of Google+ and what a splendid tool it is for SEO? With this collaboration you are actually building onto your social sharing and doubling your SEO

4. Social Media is Credible Source

If you are a journalist, you would agree with this one. Don’t you look out for a Twitter source to back your story? Try to attract these journalists, and you would be able to get a market for your story. They are bound to like your content in case it is original, credible and unique. Remember to attract people with credible sources only

5. Campaign Hashtags Work for Integration

When you are all set to integrate your offline and online marketing strategies, using the social media as your primary platform, you can make use of campaign hashtags. With these hashtags people are able to search for you in a much better way. You will find that campaign hashtags help market your campaign well. Filtering prospects go higher when you use hashtags to communicate your campaign.

6. Campaigns on Social Media Platform

How about calling in contests, and discounts or special offers on your social media platform for your brand? You will be able to promote your brand in a much better way when you do that. You can reach out to your audiences about your promotional campaign using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can create an app to talk to your consumers either on Facebook or some other platform. Hashtags are the best promotional tool. We does that at

our portal like way


7. Content Promotion on Social Media

How about promoting your content on social media platforms? You may have website content, blog content etc. that you need to show to the world. This way you would gain more followers and reach out to a larger audience. This is specifically how you need to lead your marketing strategy to social media. 

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