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8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

With 600 million active monthly users, Instagram is the definitive platform for sharing mesmerising images. Here are eight B2B brands killing it on the world’s fastest-growing social media platform

Anyone that has an Instagram account will know the race for likes and eventual self-gratification can be intense – not to mention addictive! But while this might be the goal of a selfie-obsessed teen, the aim for B2B brands is a little different. As the world’s fastest-growing social media platform, Instagram is a golden opportunity for brands to show off their creative side and engage audiences in a different way. Here’s a selection of our favourites.



Adobe’s Instagram account is overflowing with images that fire the imagination, often because of their abstract and surreal quality. Upon first glance, there’s nothing in the images to indicate this is a corporate account. Its focus on colourful photography makes the user feel as though they’re connecting with an individual. Adobe also adeptly uses imagery to showcase how its software enables creatives to produce compelling and attractive content.



8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

MailChimp’s focus is on its brand and much of its imagery excites with quirky animations of its trademark monkey. The email marketing firm uses videos and images for important announcements as well as to communicate the importance of automation for improving CX. It also manages to weave in some clever wordplay to add some variety: MailShrimp, anyone?



8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

Hootsuite knows how to galvanise a team into action and bolster that all-important team spirit. We can see this in the myriad team away days and other fun-filled shenanigans happening in the office. Hoostsuite’s approach also suggests that it is keen to convey that social activities can lead to increased morale and a better-connected team, both of which are conducive to projecting the human side to its brand.


Wells Fargo

8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

How can a banking and financial services provider be fun, I hear you ask? Wells Fargo does this adroitly by tugging on our heart strings with its nostalgic throwbacks and inspirational event photos. It’s also these throwbacks that highlight the brand’s long history and the fact that, as a brand, it has a strong heritage. 



Hubspot opts for a more practical and motivational approach. Ditching the ostentatious imagery, it takes the brave step of rolling out plenty of ‘how to’ videos and motivational quotes. With more than 70,000 followers, HubSpot is clearly succeeding. We think this is due to the fact the company is an advocate of education and learning: those brands that know the tricks of the trade are invariably the ones who will succeed in the long-term.



8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

As one of the world’s true tech titans, Intel knows how to grab its audience by the hand and lead them into tech heaven. Will the user be able to see some futuristic drone technology? Sure. How about some strange yet cool spider bots? Of course! Although these new products are entertaining to watch, the important thing to be learned from Intel is its focus on innovation and how its technology can unlock a business’ true potential.



8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

FedEx’s Instagram profile has a slightly different look and feel. While most other B2B brands mesmerise with more artistic images, the company exploits its position as a global logistics brand to display images focusing on travel and landscapes. Aeroplanes and bright city lights evoke the feeling of excitement and longing as well as communicate that it can be relied upon to deliver products anywhere in the world. It’s pure escapism.



8 B2B brands winning at Instagram

The best word to describe HP’s profile is hypnotic. While displaying commercial astuteness, with most pictures displaying the HP brand, the tech giant wows its audience with futuristic and sometimes surreal images. It also knows how to make its products look good, with plenty of video demonstrations to keep users hooked. These images and demonstrations not only show that HP’s products are easy to use, but have applications in both a personal and professional environment.

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