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8 essential account-based marketing skills

It takes a certain mindset to be an account-based marketer. It needs long-term strategic thinking that looks beyond the confines of the marketing function.

New skills are needed to accompany this change in attitude. But according to B2B Marketing’s survey of 300 B2B ABMers, just 1% of marketers believe their team has all the skills required to carry out ABM successfully.

Through our conversations with marketing leaders we’ve identified the eight essential characteristics possessed by the most successful account-based marketers. Of course, this assumes you already have the essential skills of a modern marketer – communication, creativity, storytelling and tech- savviness to name but a few.

Download this free, 14-page guide to discover:

  • Eight key skills to make your ABM career a success.
  • Key personality attributes for each skill.
  • Development tips on how to fill skills gaps.

“Finding people with the right skills can be really tricky. As individuals you need to make sure you have the right skills, either individually or in the team working with you”

Bev Burgess, author, The Practitioner’s Guide to ABM

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