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89% of consumers think Pinterest will become obsolete in next decade | B2B Marketing

Only 11% of consumers think Pinterest will be used in 10 years’ time, according to 

new research

 by email service provider Mailjet.

The study reveals consumers’ painpoints with new communication channels and examines how they would rather brands use emerging technologies and features to communicate with them.

Additionally, only 14% are confident that Snapchat will still exist in 10 years, despite the social platform’s parent company Snap IPO-ing earlier this year.

Josie Scotchmer, marketing manager at Mailjet, said: “While new platforms like Snapchat are creating buzz among certain demographics at the moment, email endures as a channel that consumers look to.”

The findings showed that email is the platform most people think we will definitely be using in the next decade (41%), followed by Facebook and private messaging apps like WhatsApp (26%).

Josie commented: “As email evolves to suit the needs of consumers through responsive design and personalisation techniques, it’s allowing brands to innovate to reach consumer audiences directly and with highly targeted, relevant messages.”

When asked about major updates to technology commonly used for communication by brands, 35% of people responded saying they haven’t noticed a single one. 

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