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9 reasons why B2B brands should consider sponsorship | B2B Marketing

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A common misconception in the B2B world is that sponsorship is best used as a platform for B2C brands. While it is a successful tool for many, a number of B2B businesses are using and benefitting from sponsorship. Here are nine reasons why B2B brands should think about using sponsorship:

Differentiate your brand

One thing that sponsorship can definitely do is help you to differentiate your brand, whether you’re a B2B or B2C business. However, remember that this will only be possible if you activate your partnership effectively.

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Sponsorship is often seen as an expensive form of advertising. While it can be a costly choice, this doesn’t have to be the case – in sport, for example, once you move away from the big hitters such as football, there are many sports offering interesting partnerships for a fraction of the price. Sponsorship in culture and the arts can also be a more affordable option. 

Look beyond corporate hospitality  

For many B2B brands, corporate hospitality is often a primary reason for investing in sponsorship. While sporting and cultural events can provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your most valued clients, try and think creatively about alternative ways to make the most of a partnership, beyond the boozing and schmoozing.

Engage your employees

This is often an undervalued aspect of partnerships in sport and the arts, but it can be really valuable. Use sponsorship to engage your employees and create excitement around you brand. You’ll end up with brand advocates and employees who are excited to work for your business.

Give your brand a story to tell

Partnerships can give your marketing and PR teams something completely new and different to talk about, especially if you’re finding it hard to come up with new and interesting content.

Launch in new places

If you’re planning to launch into new regions or markets, sponsorship can be a fantastic platform to raise brand awareness quickly, and generate interest in your products. You might want to opt for a partnership with a regional sports club, for example, if you’re opening up a new office or facility nearby.

Showcase your products in a new environment

A clever partnership that showcases your product offering in a new light can be an innovative way of showing off your wide-ranging capabilities. This can also be cost-effective, if you opt for a value-in-kind partnership.

Sponsorship is


much more than logos on football shirts

Some of the biggest B2C brands in the world are using sponsorship in increasingly innovative ways to make sure they’re engaging with their audience, and looking beyond the ‘traditional’ form of sponsorship. There is no reason B2B brands can’t also be innovative when it comes to their activation strategy.

Build partnerships with other brands

One of the big advantages of sponsorship is brand association – make sure people are aware that you’re a ‘partner’ of a sporting or cultural property, as this can really elevate your own standing.  

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