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ABM mission statements: 5 companies reveal their ABM methods

An account-based marketing programme should always be built on a realistic vision of what you want to achieve with the resources you have. Every ABM programme will look different, but looking at what others are doing can help ensure you’re on the right track. Molly Raycraft reports. 


Type of company: Alias clients tend to be technology businesses with deals sometimes over $50m. Due to these high value deals, sales cycles tend to already work in long terms, which makes these companies suitable for ABM. 

Type of ABM deployed: One-to-few is the most popular choice. However one-to-one is also used with some accounts. 

Number of accounts: Anywhere between five and 50 accounts depending on the ABM. A solely one-to-few approach tends to serve up the 25 accounts. 

Initial start date: Alias help clients set up ABM over what is typically a two month period. 

Goals for ABM: Alias sets a benchmark aiming for at least 60:1 ROMI (measured through sales pipeline) on ABM programmes. 

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