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ABM platform Terminus acquires B2B analytics provider BrightFunnel | B2B Marketing

ABM platform Terminus has acquired the B2B analytics and attribution provider BrightFunnel for an undisclosed sum.

Terminus said it had been looking for a vendor that would allow it to measure marketing’s impact through the funnel – to better understand account journeys and measure channel and campaign performance – and considered BrightFunnel the best vendor in the market.

Eric Spett, CEO and co-founder of Terminus, said: “We are excited to help solve one of the top challenges our customers face — how to measure and optimise the impact of marketing and sales initiatives on revenue.

“Our customers want to understand the influence of campaigns throughout the buyer’s journey, create a 360-degree view of engagement that supports one revenue team, and close the loop on measuring account-based marketing and advertising.”

Terminus: Account-Based Marketing Acquires BrightFunnel

Terminus, whose customers include Rosetta Stone, Invoca and WP Engine added it would be hiring more engineers to support the acquisition. BrightFunnel’s clients include Concur, Experian and Verizon.

“As I got to know the CEO of BrightFunnel, Chris Mann, and his team, it became clear that we share the same vision for the future of B2B marketing. And our teams are an incredible culture fit,” Spett added.

The ability to carry out attribution modelling at each stage of the customer journey is an indicator of advanced ABM maturity,

according to the B2B Marketing ABM Maturity Index


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