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Accenture acquires CGI and VR content creator Mackevision to boost customer experience | B2B Marketing

Accenture has acquired the German producer of computer-generated imagery and immersive content Mackevision to strengthen its customer experiences with extended reality applications.

Mackevision has developed the ability to leverage engineering data to construct ‘digital twins’. By using CGI, visual effects and extended reality the business can then generate visual content from these ‘twins’.

This process has been used across feature films, online product configurators and virtual showrooms, and Accenture aim to utilise ‘digital twins’ to improve the deliverance of their products and services.

Mackevision is as a leader in the emerging AR and VR industry, particularly within the automotive sector with clients including BMW, Jeep and Land Rover, and similarly the film industry, working on movies and TV shows such as

Game of Thrones


Mackevision VFX Reel 2017

Jamie Posnanski, global content practice lead at Accenture Interactive, said: “Mackevision has a deep roster of highly relevant creative and technical talent in emergent capabilities, and operates with mature offerings on a global scale. It’s rare to find this combination in the market.”

Brian Whipple, head of Accenture Interactive, added: “Mackevision’s capabilities will add a whole new dimension of content innovation to our portfolio of services. The ‘digital twin’ concept has massive implications not only from a scale media production and marketing standpoint but also for our broader vision of helping clients render the most compelling experiences possible.”

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