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Accenture’s adept account-based marketing

Accenture’s account-based marketing programme has improved win rates by up to 18% and the company is one of the leaders in the discipline. Rhiannon Blackwell, the organisation’s ABM lead tells Molly Raycraft about its success and the road to get there.

You can’t fail to be impressed when you hear Accenture speak publicly about its ABM programme. It’s the same when you listen to the enthusiasm and advice of Rhiannon Blackwell, ABM lead at Accenture UK. We’re diving deeper into the mechanics of the programme to understand why Accenture has been so successful.

ABM maturity

The ABM programme at Accenture has been running formally for three years, having previously been carried out ad hoc. The company is comfortably sat in stage 4 of the B2B Marketing ABM Competency Model: Adept ABM. This means it has fully mapped decision-making units and outlined personas. As well as this it’s tracking and measuring internal stakeholder engagement. It’s also linking external processes while operating from a dedicated internal ABM team.

Accenture is currently working on getting to stage 5: Advanced ABM, which means tightening processes that have already been started in stage 4, such as integration and account behaviour scoring.

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