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Account-based marketing media solutions | B2B Marketing

Account-based marketing media solutions

If you want to engage with a specific list of target ABM accounts then speak to us about our bespoke event solutions including sponsored roundtables.

No one in the B2B space is better placed to help you with targeted account-based marketing outreach than we are.

By leveraging our uniquely wide and deep network of relationships across the B2B sector, we can get your people and your brand infront of some of the precise target accounts you want talk to.

Many of our media clients have found success through this highly targeted, ABM-led approach to lead engagement. 

And employing this approach alongside the wider funnel building and lead gen we provide, delivers a killer marketing combination.

Start with your story

The secret to effective ABM outreach lies in associating your brand with a compelling story: One that resonates specifically with your target accounts.

If you don’t have a clear story yet, we can help.

We can identify key drivers for winning the attention of the brands and people on your ABM target list.  

And we can work with you to create a narrative – supported by compelling research and content – that firmly anchors your brand to that story.

Get up close and personal with your ABM targets

Once you’re happy with your message and content, you can cut to the money-shot and brief us to get you face-to face with your ABM targets.

If you have already have a wishlist of people you want to speak to then we’ll work to that. If you want us to create a wishlist based on your brief, we’ll do that too.

Either way, we’ll make the connections, leveraging our trusted brand and extensive industry realtionships, to introduce you to those hard-to-reach c-suite decision makers you specifically want to meet.

Choose how you want us to connect you with your target clients

We’re highly experienced in creating bespoke, face-to-face, relationshp building events for our clients as part of their ABM outreach package, including:

  • Roundtables
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Private dining
  • A bespoke event or experience, created to your brief

Whatever the type of event you chose to invest in, we’ll help you ensure it fits your story perfectly.

We’ll do the all outreach and guest recruitment. We’ll do the organisation and hosting. You’ll be the knowledgeable partner at the event, emparting your expertise, positionining your brand and making crucial face-to-face connections with your key, target accounts.

We’ll encourage you to bring your own clients too, to inject some priceless social proof.

Just some of the brands who’ve achieved success with our ABM outreach solutions…

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Let’s talk

We’d love to talk to you about your specific ABM requirements and how we can help with them.
To kick the conversation off, call Mitch Hole on 020 7014 4245.

Alternatively, you can click below to fill out short form and someone from our sales team will get in touch with you at the speed of lightning.

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