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AdRoll Group acquires start-up Growlabs to strengthen ABM solution

AdRoll Group has announced its acquisition of Growlabs, a two-year-old lead generation start-up with a comprehensive B2B database.

AdRoll hopes the acquisition will bolster the martech provider’s identity graph and data capabilities to strengthen its B2B offerings.

RollWorks – a business unit of AdRoll Group – 

launched in February this year

 focusing on providing B2B marketers with an ABM solution. The company hopes Growlabs’ B2B database will help to amplify this platform.

The acquired database contains 12 million companies and 320 million business identities, helping to enhance AdRoll’s data graph of more than 1.2 billion digital profiles. AdRoll’s AI engine will allow marketers to activate this data in campaigns.

Growlabs will also allow RollWorks to expand its offering to multi-channel engagement, which includes the ability to use targeted lead information to find suitable buyers.

It also adds the ability to activate ads and sales automation sequences in coordinated ABM campaigns. AdRoll hopes this integration will allow customers to be able to run multi-channel campaigns with messages automatically sequenced and synched with sales stages, boosting conversions.

Toby Gabriner, CEO of AdRoll Group and president of RollWorks, said: “This acquisition gives us the ability to enable our customers to leverage the precise data needed to connect with B2B buyers at scale. The capabilities the Growlabs team brings will enable us to provide richer data and actionable insights to our B2B customers, accelerating their revenue growth.”

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