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AGENCY NEWS: 3M integrates data management with Caspian appointment | B2B Marketing

3M has appointed Caspian Partnership in an effort to integrate data purchasing across the company’s seven key business divisions.

This follows the introduction of an integrated marketing initiative undertaken 18 months ago by 3M, which is behind brands such as Post-it and Scotch.

Andrew Lock, marketing communications manager at 3M, comments, “Every marketer had their own process for getting data. Some got it direct from the list company, others through an agency. We could have been buying the same data more than once.

“It was so fragmented it was hard to put a handle on what we actually had. We wanted more visibility because at times we didn’t even know where it was coming from,” he adds.

With the appointment of Caspian, Lock hopes for a standard process to deal with data purchasing, processing, enhancement and response analysis. He continues, “Any business group that needs data will go to Caspian and then they will work with us in implementing the new list.”

Lock states that the creative agencies who may have traditionally purchased lists for the company have embraced this change. “Essentially it frees up money to put into the top-end stuff like creative which is more profitable for them. They buy into the model.”

Caspian is working with 3M on a project basis, currently on its latest digital brand building campaign ‘3M Everywhere’. Lock states that Caspian will support the CRM/database marketing activity going forward i.e. DM and email.


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