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Airbus uses expanded VR to demo new and future aircraft to customers | B2B Marketing

Aerospace manufacturer Airbus, has expanded its use of virtual reality to showcase its existing and future concept craft to customers.

The technology offers prospects a multi-user experience where up to five people can now participate at the same time. The VR was showcased at the International Paris Air Show in June and at this month’s Farnborough International Air Show.

Paul Hannah, creative director of future concepts at Airbus, said: “Airbus is harnessing new technologies to present our products in unique and engaging ways. VR is changing how Airbus can engage with its customers, enabling our customers to experience Airbus like never before.”

Airbus grows virtual reality experiences

Pushing the boundaries of VR

The technology gives participants the opportunity to experience Airbus’ products such as Bartolomeo, FCAS, Urban Air Mobility and Electrification, VSR 700 drone helicopters and the A321 LR aeroplane.

One scenario allows users to spacewalk around the International Space Station (ISS) on a mission to install a payload on the Bartolomeo platform. The tech also enables participants to feel as if they’re wearing space suits, helmets and space gloves.

The VR has been created specifically for Airbus by Render, a specialist virtual, augmented and mixed reality company.

“We’ve worked really hard to push the boundaries of what’s possible in VR,” explained Mark Miles, founder and MD at Render. “We have doubled-down our focus on delivering the highest possible quality photo-real and cinematic experience. Product accuracy is absolutely vital too; I believe this is our best work to date.”

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