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ANA targets diversity with launch of multicultural marketing alliance | B2B Marketing

The Association of National Advertisers has formed a new group that it says is designed to create a powerful, unified voice for the advancement of multicultural marketing.

The Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) will bring together senior thought leaders from the African-American, Hispanic, Asian and LGBT communities to establish itself as the leading voice in multicultural and inclusive marketing. The group hopes to spark conversations around diversity in C-suites across the country.

“As the marketplace becomes increasingly diverse, the ANA recognizes that the strategic evolution of multicultural marketing becomes even more important to brands,” ANA president-CEO Bob Liodice


in a statement. “To facilitate and accelerate that change, ANA invites the marketing community to come together to lead the pursuit of opportunities and to address the challenges before us. Our strategic intent is to reach out to all constituencies in order to collectively make a difference in realizing the potential of multicultural marketing.”

Liodice and Michael Lacorazza, exec VP of brand and advertising-integrated marketing at Wells Fargo, will cochair AIMM. The group’s mission will be to boost diversity in marketing, to share multicultural marketing examples, to drive ROI through marketing effectiveness and segment relevance and to provide leadership and best practices in the area. It is also launching a multicultural marketing knowledge center to develop growth-focused insights through collaborative research.

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