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And the Award goes to… Diary of an award-winning marketing team | B2B Marketing

Atos’ marketing manager

Russ Powell

outlines a day in the life of an award-winning team member

This article is part of a series of features exploring the highs and highs of 2016’s

B2B Marketing Awards

, aimed at giving you a head start on your 2017 bid for glory.

And the Award goes to… B2B marketer of the year Andy Cravos

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Awards 2016

In most offices you’ll hear the old cliché that no two days are ever alike. Quite often that can feel like something people just say when they can’t actually remember what it is they do on a day-to-day basis, but at Atos it really is the truth.

Being such a vast and multifaceted organisation, the variety of activity we get involved with as marketers can sometimes seem rather daunting, especially when we’re only a core team of 12 supporting 10,000 people in the UK split across various markets, functions and service lines. However, it’s these various challenges you need to take on and deliver against if you want to be team of the year. Here’s a rough idea of what a typical day looks like:


Jump on the train at Reading and fight someone else for a seat. On the journey, listen to music or read. It’s always good to use those first bright moments of thinking to take on board something new and get the brain firing properly.


Having successfully survived the tube, arrive into the office, say hello to the rest of the marketing team, get the laptop powered up and deal with any urgent emails that have come in overnight.


Daily call with my team to get the latest on what they’re working on and deadlines they’ve got coming up.


Into a workshop session with one of our bid teams to get a full understanding of an upcoming bid, what it is we’re bidding for and how we’re going to win the deal. We’ll dial in our creative agency, Oliver, so they’re up to speed and then work together to create the messaging, branding and creative look and feel for the bid. We’ll present back our first ideas to the bid team in a week or so.


Work on a script and storyboard for some video content we’ll shortly be filming with a member of the exec team that will form part of an upcoming campaign. Send that over to our internal creative guys to check over and give the thumbs up for a filming day.


Quickly pop out and grab some lunch and then head back up to the canteen for the interns’ latest ‘Marketing 101’ session. This is a fortnightly meet-up where we get our interns to present back to the rest of the team over lunch on key marketing theories and models, and how they’ve seen these applied (or not) in the work we’re doing. Always an eye opener.


Weekly catch up call with our references team at global to see which new wins can be used as references and the progress being made with the references already being created.


Session with our telemarketing agency, MarketMakers, and our business development leads in the markets to share the latest knowledge on our target accounts, review campaign activity and discuss progress with the latest opportunities they’ve generated for us.


Take a breather to grab a cup of tea, deal with any other emails that have come in, and have a chat with other team members to see what they’re up to.


Checkpoint call with an existing bid team to ensure we’re all on schedule with hitting the deadlines for the bid and we’ve fully briefed in any new deliverables that may have cropped up.


Review the content and creative that has been worked on by our internal design studio for that upcoming campaign. Open up the PDF, fire up the sticky notes, and send it back with a few edits that are needed to get it into final shape.


Listen to voicemails that have arrived during the day, return calls or note down what needs to be followed up tomorrow and then head back to Paddington to catch the train home.


Do a final check of emails on my phone while on the train and action anything that needs doing first thing tomorrow morning. Get home and prepare for tomorrow.

B2B Marketing Q4 16/17

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