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Are you a Management Lion, a Lemur or just a Leech? | B2B Marketing

Are you a Management Lion, a Lemur or just a Leech?

In a successful Management Buy Out you need a mix of Lions, Lemurs and, yes, even Leeches.
Lions are often called the Kings of the Jungle,  as they occupy the tip of the food chain spending 22 hours resting or asleep and just 50 minutes eating with just over an hour spent hunting. Their position comes as a result of what they are able to do and achieve.   In management terms, you need people who bring in the business, the hunters.  Before the buy out these people often get called lazy or feckless but a leader of the management buyout team may just need a few lions on their team even if they don’t put the hours in that other people do.
Lemurs, charming little animals, have very full days, continually having to forage for food in the environment they are born in.  Often sociable, they search and seek – or farm – all day long. Equally, you need the people on the management team who keep things moving.  They may not have super brains (the lemurs have one of the lowest brain weight to mass ratios in the jungle) but their activity ensures survival. 
Finally there are the Leeches, surely not a term to use in your management team? 
Actually Leeches have been used for decades in medicine and are staging a comeback in modern medicine for specific cures or treatment.  A modern management team needs Leeches too.  All companies need non profit generators to keep them safe; compliance, finance, IT etc.   Often these people have great influence in companies before the buy out and leaders of MBOs are often tempted to cut these away when they buy out their business to reduce the costs (or even to get rid of annoying people).  However, if the non profit generating infrastructure of a business is cut too much it will leave the company exposed and companies with reputational, or legal or technical issues are very hard to sell on.
So the answer to the successful team for a Management Buy Out is to make sure you have an assortment of Lions, Lemurs and Leeches.  Who would have thought that?Posted by Equity Quest at 




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