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AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 1: British Gas Business: ‘Energy Live Challenge’ | B2B Marketing

Last year British Gas Business (BGB) went to its agencies with a challenge. For many years, it was highly successful, requiring little brand and marketing activity. But, because of price volatility and energy media coverage, customers were becoming savvier and deal‐seeking. And according to brand measures, BGB’s market‐leading position was no longer safe.

It was clear perceptions had to be changed of BGB; from a supplier of gas and electricity to an ‘intelligent energy partner’. To help achieve this, BGB had developed a unique new proposition, Business Energy Insight (BEI).

The answer to the challenge was the ‘Energy Live Challenge’. Five businesses were selected five businesses to join a challenge to use BEI to significantly reduce their energy usage, and showed their experiences live from the first energy audit through to the results.

The ‘Energy Live Challenge’ wasn’t just an integrated campaign across different media: it also provided an idea which could develop over time, with different levels of engagement, which raised brand awareness, but which also generated content to drive response.

The campaign achieved its objective of raising brand perceptions, with a 12% increase in positive net promoter scores.

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