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Awards case study: How Gravity Global used artwork to achieve record sales of $15.3 Bn

‘The Profit Hunter’ gained widespread attention with its shark inspired artwork and managed to outperform across all KPIs in the process. Find out how Gravity Global made it happen.

About Embraer

Brazilian company, Embraer, is a design and manufacturing company of aircraft in 70-150 seat segment, fighting for share with the likes of Boeing, Airbus and challengers including Sukhoi and Mitsubishi.

Embraer predicted that demand for 70-150 seat commercial aircraft will reach 6,400 new jets within 20 years, a $300 Bn market. Competition is intense, with competitors making identical claims. Embraer has developed three next generation aircraft called E-Jets- E2-E195 ,E2-E190 and E2-E175 with two now in service with airlines.


With a global audience of airlines from around the world, it was a challenge to win their attention particularly as the industry is dominated by two giants: Boeing and Airbus. Having their product stand out was what Gravity labelled itself a ‘BHAG’ (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). 

Embraer set out to transform its perception as a regional aircraft manufacturer known in the US and Latin American markets to be perceived as a global manufacturer of ‘the most efficient aircraft in the world’. Gravity’s BHAG was to dominate through creativity at a global scale. The campaign needed to work internationally, building on Embraer’s awareness in its established markets and helping the brand to enter new markets in the Asia -Pac region.

Gravity Global created an integrated campaign that utilised events at and around air shows, viral video, print, social casts and social media. Gravity’s research indicated the key issue occupying airline management is how to generate profit in a competitive industry with ticket prices under immense price pressure.

In response, Gravity created personas for the audience and the aircraft. Renaming the E2-190 and E2- E195  as the ‘Profit Hunter’ reflected the proposition better and targeted market’s profit. The idea was to use predators painted on nose cones to attract attention and reflect efficiency and profit making.

The Farnborough International Airshow in July 2018, the showcase for new aviation products and services, was chosen as the stage from which to launch.

Gravity’s hope was to be the highlight of the Farnborough Airshow and make the campaign relevant to new, growing markets in AsiaPacific.

The Shark was chosen because of its predatory and sensory prowess – characteristics that perfectly matched the Profit Hunter’s technology, and relevant to the Asia-Pacific tour.

The ‘attacking shark’ creative required risk; although it stood out, there were concerns it was too aggressive. 

Objectives of the campaign

  • Lead aviation headlines during Farnborough 2018 and beyond.
  • Beat previous campaign results by 10%. 
  • Close gap on positive brand sentiment with Boeing and Airbus. 
  • Increase global reach and brand awareness by maximising media opportunities across paid, owned and earned on same budget as previous year. 
  • Ensure prospects visit the aircraft during sales tour.

The target audience

The C-suite, operators of 70 airlines across 50 countries in existing and new markets including leasing companies, analysts and the media.

Media, channels or techniques used

  • Painting the ‘Profit Hunter’ aircraft as a shark 
  • Press, online display and paid social advertising 
  • Paid and organic social posts 
  • Animated outdoor display at airports/events. 
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube communications 
  • Embraer TV streamed live on social media 
  • Blogs from Embraer and Aviation bloggers 
  • VR experience of flying the Profit Hunter 
  • AR to demonstrate the sensory technology on the aircraft 
  • Produced a new Market Outlook report – Market forecast, challenges and opportunities for the next 20 years (digital and print versions) 
  • Created a short film series: ‘Incredible Journeys.’ 
  • Customer events

Timescales of the campaign

  • Campaign Period:

    April 18/April 19

  • Audience Research:

    Jan/Mar 18

  • Planning:

    March 18 
  • Phase one: Pre-Launch of campaign at Farnborough:

    May 18 
  • During show:

    July 18 and post show – ongoing

  • Phase two: Launch in Asia-Pacific: 

    July 18/April 19 
  • Paid, Owned and Earned campaigns: 

  • Website refresh launch


Multichannel support for Farnborough International Airshow Pre/during and post show May-July 2018 to April 19 Sales support for Asia-Pacific Tour


Despite worries the shark was too aggressive, it was positively received, dominating the Farnborough Air Show, being picked up by the world’s leading media including CNN and Fox News, achieving sales of $15.3 Bn and creating queues to see and be photographed with the aircraft.

  • Completely outperformed across all KPIs.
  • Achieved record sales of

    $15.3 Bn.
  • Growth as a global brand with increases across all regions in impressions:

    Americas +37%, Europe +109%, Africas +1073%, Asia-Pacific +60%.
  • Dominated the media-Hitting the front page of CNN, Fox News and other leading titles. 
  • Doubled reach
  • Tour generated long queues to see the Shark Profit Hunter. 

  • 73% increase YoY

    in brand mentions totaling 497,921
  • Engagement increased

    60% YoY 
  • Audience reach up from

    8.8 Bn to 16.1 Bn

    , hitting front pages of CNN and Fox 
  • Positive brand net sentiment up from

    47% in 2017 to 84% in 2018 
  • Achieved

    93% positive net

    sentiment for Ejets – highest recorded net sentiment, outperforming Airbus and Boeing 

  • 67% increase

    in likes YoY 

  • 62% increase

    in ‘Earned’ posts YoY 

  • 74% increase

    in comments YoY

“The air shows are key marketing opportunities for us. And generating meaningful engagement from decision-makers is critical. We have won many awards because we work together with freedom and trust each other. We are reaching our goals because of this. It’s not easy to be creative in such a technical B2B environment, yet Gravity produce work that consistently helps us stand out from our competitors. The basis of all relationships is admiration and respect; these two words describe what I and my colleagues have for Gravity.”

Maria Regina Cyrino Corrêa, global head of promotion strategy Embraer Commercial Aviation

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