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Awards case study: How MOI sealed $28m pipeline from a $16m target for its client Oracle

Find out how MOI’s campaign for Oracle generated 500 leads within the first week of launch and later delivered $28m pipeline on a $16m target.


‘Digital Bank of the Future’ (DBOF) is an ongoing campaign that has delivered outstanding results. Over the last six years, it has generated leads at emerging and established banks, and shown them why Oracle is the partner to propel them into the future. Digital disrupters are threatening traditional banking. Against the industry’s shifting landscape. MOI, the agency hired by Oracle, ran an insight-led influencer campaign that leveraged financial thought leaders and ongoing research to nurture leads by engaging and inspiring them across a number of channels. 

Leads were taken down a sales funnel, which used content to show people ‘the art of the possible’. The message was that by fully embracing digital, business opportunities are endless. The campaign has been hugely successful over the years. It has generated $28m in revenue so far – blowing the target of $16m out of the water – and continues to deliver outstanding results.

“Once again MOI exceeded our expectations with the latest phase of the Digital Bank of the Future campaign. Building on the cumulative success and credibility of the campaign, they were able to expand its impact further by developing a number of intuitive tools. MOI has continued to discover new, innovative channels to reach our target audience, resulting in one of our most successful campaigns to date.”

Parvez Ahmad, Global Marketing Lead, Financial Services, Oracle

About Oracle

Oracle is the world’s #1 provider of business software, enabling 430,000 customers in 175 countries to solve business challenges with their technology.


Oracle excels at propelling industries on the cusp of digital transformation. And with traditional retail banks facing displacement from tech-savvy disrupters, this should have been the perfect pportunity. The problem was, Oracle lacked credibility in the digital banking space.


MOI’s main objective was to build a dialogue between Oracle and C-suite executives in top emerging and established banks, using our industry influencers to begin a conversation that would ultimately lead to Oracle and its services.

The target audience

The audience was senior figures at these banks – particularly C-suite executives who are able to make key decisions within their organisation.

Media, channels or techniques used

Now in its sixth year, the core tenet behind this long-running campaign has remained unchanged: to nurture leads through the creation of relevant, didactic content.

Year-on-year research has been key to engaging prospects. By conducting ongoing research, MOI has been able to identify the pain points and industry trends that would resonate with prospects, and create a bank of resources that provide an ever-evolving view of customer behaviours. This has dovetailed with the influencer campaign. We worked closely with banking executives, consultants, FinTech professionals, and other experts across the globe. Co-creating with these industry leaders, gave content an important stamp of credibility, and greatly extended its reach.

This took leads down a carefully constructed sales funnel. The expert content was sent to key contacts through a number of channels – including social selling, paid media, and highly targeted emails to Oracle’s existing database. Once prospects had crossed an engagement threshold, they were nurtured by being entered into an Eloqua programme. The more they engaged, the more MOI and Oracle refined their communications and content, moving prospects closer to the point of conversion. Outside of traditional thought leadership, MOI also created an innovative Digital Benchmarking tool that enabled banking professionals to measure their capabilities against others – with the backend benefit of providing data to feed into Oracle’s nurture programme. MOI’s latest round of research highlighted the need for improvements to the process of completing high-value loan applications. This led to the development of a suite of successful strategic tools, the first of which was the ZigBank app.

ZigBank is a fictitious banking interface created to show – rather than tell – prospects what’s possible using Oracle’s cloud-based solutions. It’s a fully functioning mock loan application system, which represents a seamless coalescence between customer experience and back-end banking operations – all made possible by digital innovation. This tool was showcased by Oracle during a large industry event, and was responsible for generating over 100 leads. Following from this, MOI developed an internal corporate lending application to further demonstrate the art of the possible from the perspective of the bank’s employees, thus providing a 360-degree, internal and external view of the future of technology enabled banking. New initiatives like ZipBank has enabled the team to generate and nurture leads in exciting new ways, ensuring they can keep driving exceptional results as the campaign evolves.

Timescales of the campaign

Planning and research:

July 2017

Launch of survey:

August 2017

Report analysis and creation of final reports:

May 2018

Launch of campaign:

June 2018

Ongoing creation of materials and promotional activity (infographics, blogs, email nurture, social selling, social posts, banners):

July – October 2018


Content and copy development:


Surveys and research:


Promotional materials and activity (infographics, blogs, email nurture, social selling, social posts, banners)


Country specific reports





The DBOF campaign has helped Oracle to grow its reputation as a thought-leader in the digital banking space, and generated the following exposure and pipeline:

  • $28m

    pipeline from a



  • 160,000

    contacts targeted via social influencing
  • Over


    users targeted in APAC LinkedIn Groups outreach

  • 8,327

    Twitter followers gained

  • 5m

    readers reached across various publications and media

  • 900

    attendees engaged across seven events

  • 30,000

    users reached through paid media and content syndication

  • 927

    asset downloads

  • 80

  • Zig Bank experience generated


    leads within the first week of launch

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