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Awards case study: How Samsung ‘changed the channel’ with its marketing initiative with an ROI of 32.5:1

Find out how One GTM helped Samsung capitalise on the growth of mobile device-based business solutions and increase market shares.

About Samsung

Samsung Electronics America – Enterprise Mobility provides business phones, tablets and wearable tech to the entire SMB and enterprise market. By combining hardware, software and partner applications, our client now also offers end-to-end business solutions that underpin business-critical operations from drug trials to public safety.


OneGTM had to:

  • Convince businesses that Samsung understands their challenges better than competitors
  • Ensure Samsung understands how game-changing solutions overcome their struggles.
  • For Samsung’s service provider channel (through which they sell exclusively), Samsung is simply a mobile device provider.
  • Get their buy-in to selling solutions (rather than just devices and minutes) by educating them about Samsung’s mobile business solutions and convincing them of the market opportunity.

Samsung also had to get their buy-in to OneGTM’s Campaign in a Box approach by:

  • Equipping them with everything they need to take prospects on the buyer journey from creating interest and building engagement through to conversion
  • Equipping their marketing teams with everything they need to implement our multichannel campaigns
  • Equipping their sales teams with everything they need to sell the solutions

Objectives of the campaign

The Campaign in a Box needed to:

  • Provide the tools and guidance to change service providers’ approach, enabling them to market solutions alongside Samsung’s traditional focus on devices and minutes.
  • Limit costs by leveraging Samsung’s existing business marketing assets and investment into Samsung Insights.
  • Follow a standardised, scalable format to ensure easy roll-out across numerous service providers.
  • Achieve buy-in by being customised to each service provider’s offering and aligning with their brand and business objectives.
  • Do all the heavy lifting for service providers, making it simple for them to implement each campaign.
  • Go beyond lead generation with crucial sales enablement tools that equipped sales teams to close the sale.

For each of our target solution areas, OneGTM created a Campaign in a Box (CiaB) addressing that sector’s pain points. With each CiaB having its own sector-specific content, the elements comprised:

  • Campaign flow and messaging
  • An integrated campaign approach
  • Key business issue-led content assets, taking prospects on the buyer journey, from creating interest through building engagement to conversion
  • Communications assets, enabling partners to implement a multichannel, integrated campaign which included SEO, social, outbound emails, lead nurturing and outbound sales
  • Enablement assets, equipping marketing teams to implement the campaign and sales teams to sell

Samsung campaign

For Samsung, OneGTM’s approach delivered:

  • Increased reach to end-user business customers by leveraging the joint offering with wireless service providers, or wireless carriers 
  • Budget stretch by deploying existing insight collateral through multiple service providers
  • Stronger partner relationships by opening up new markets for service providers and equipping them to capitalise without any heavy lifting
  • Simultaneous sector reach and increased campaign frequency with roll-out through service providers
  • Increased internal marketing efficiency by establishing a systematic approach to activating service providers
  • Increased incremental sales, with the pilot CiaB alone increasing revenue by 19.6%

The target audience:

Service provider marketing teams

  • Focused on selling devices and minutes, we had to convince them of the value of our proposition. 
  • The quality and clarity of each CiaB’s strategy and marketing assets, supported by the ease of campaign implementation and the lack of major investment, delivered enthusiastic buy-in.

Service provider sales teams

  • The challenge was to expand the mindset and gain buy-in. 
  • Each CiaB made their education and empowerment  straightforward, and equipped them with the hands-on tools they needed to start conversations and close sales.

End-user business customers

  • This target audience varies across numerous sectors (so far including public sector, healthcare, transport and retail), each with its own issues and objectives. 
  • By gaining a deep understanding of each sector’s pain points and challenges, we developed sector-specific CiaBs with insight-led messaging.

Media, channels or techniques used

Service providers

OneGTM communicated to large service providers through joint planning workshops, where they presented the concept and planned out their business requirements for each CiaB.

End-user business customers

OneGTM developed a campaign flow blueprint for our umbrella activity, pulling together a framework for our multichannel CiaBs that progressed from driving digital leads through to lead nurturing and sales follow-up. We then applied this to each CiaB, turning up the relevant tactics and volume on whichever media would deliver the best returns.

Timescales of the campaign

  • Develop CiaB framework approach:

    September 2018
  • Pilot initial CiaB:

    November 2018
  • Develop CiaB strategy and roadmap:

    February 2019
  • Develop CiaBs:

  • Execute CiaBs:



With the CiaB approach:

1. Content is based upon existing assets, so costs are limited to repurposing

2. Media execution is via the partner, either through their existing budget or MDFSamsung costs for building awareness and sales are therefore limited to creating the framework approach and developing each CiaB.


The campaign surpassed targeted metrics at all points in the sales funnel – website visitors, engagements, content downloads and revenue. Overall the campaigns produced ROI of


“With no established or scalable way of driving interest through the channel or educating their sales teams, working with OneGTM enabled us to package all our knowledge and marketing expertise into easily implementable campaigns and sales enablement tools. Our partners love it (we do all the heavy lifting!) and our reach and marketing dollar have been massively extended.”

Jason Redmond, Director Enterprise Demand Generation Samsung Electronics

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