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Awards case study: How Vodafone turned ‘lost phone’ excuses into a winning campaign

“I had it when I was on the train” – sound familiar? It did to Vodafone, who tapped into poor excuses to make the case for a managed service for business’s mobile devices

In 2017, Vodafone launched its flagship mobility product, Device Lifecycle Management. The service outsources the procurement, management and replacement of enterprise mobile devices. Our brief was clear – create awareness at the global level and ultimately, arm the sales teams with a high quantity of relevant, warm leads that had a high chance of converting.

This global campaign was created from the ground up to ensure it would meet multiple objectives spanning the entire purchase funnel. Creatively, humour was at the heart of the campaign. Excuses that IT professionals hear for lost or damaged devices are often treated with irreverence. This insight led us to our ‘Excuses, Excuses’ concept, where we highlighted the far-fetched excuses employees use in their defence. The campaign was a huge success, far exceeding all metrics, but particularly pleasing to the sales teams was the amount of relevant leads delivered for follow-up.

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