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Awards case study: Learn how Webeo earned £800k in revenue across 50 customers in less than 2 years

Find out how Webeo took home the award for UK-founded martech vendor of the year through its digital transformation in less than two years.

About Webeo

Webeo enables B2B marketers to deliver relevant, tailored online experiences with its software. Their mission is to help B2B marketers harness the power of personalisation where it matters most – their website. The power of personalisation is undisputed especially with the emergence of ABM. Consumer businesses like Amazon are leading the way in rich, segmented personalisation. Using a combination of IP based Al and rich audience data, Webeo enables B2B marketers to deliver a tailored website experience for every B2B prospect. 

How has this mission evolved? 

Established in 2017, Webeo’s original mission was to help clients improve online engagement and conversion through website personalisation. Statistically, over 40% of prospects will bypass campaign CTA’s/landing pages, going straight to Google so B2B marketers have to ensure their website delivers. 

Webeo clients see average results of: 

  • 51% decrease in bounce rate 
  • 377% increase in dwell time 
  • 5-10% increase in lead conversion 

That mission has evolved to include: 


B2B marketers spend significant budgets creating personalised ABM campaigns. Webeo enables marketers to replicate the campaign on their website, creating a more powerful experience. 

Customer experience 

CX is a huge challenge. By implementing Webeo, clients are seeing measurable success in terms of bounce rate improvements, page views, and website related NPS scores. 

Where does it operate, and what kind of clients does it serve? 

Head office: Portsmouth

US office: Atlanta 

Clients include UK and US B2B brands. 

How does it differentiate itself from its competitors? 

Webeo has two competitor types: 

  1. Enterprise platforms with some personalisation in their mix (usually cookie based) 
  2. Emerging competitors without their own IP database. 

Webeo’s differentiation: 

  1. Website personalisation is their only mission. Their focus is on creating the best customer experience for website visitors and providing the best software in terms of ease of use, measurement, time to implement & data accuracy. 
  2. Webeo’s proprietary IP database. In a like for like test, Webeo consistently achieves higher business match rates. 

Does it have a USP? 

Webeo use their own IP database built over 10 years (This also powers Lead Forensics). This is a key advantage over the competition who rely on third party data. 

Webeo’s 5 year plan: 

  • Developing the solution to simplify and speed up the personalisation process. 
  • Adding new forms of personalisation through CRM integration 
  • Building an inside agency team to support clients with Webeo as part of customer success. 
  • Consolidating its position as category leader in the B2B website personalisation space 
  • Reaching £10M revenue through negative churn and a powerful sales engine. 

What is its ownership structure? 

Webeo is privately owned by Paul Thomas and Henry Braithwaite. Both were previous owners of MarketMakers group which includes B2B telemarketing agency MarketMakers and B2B agency Really B2B. Webeo has very close connections to Lead Forensics, which has the same ownership but different leadership.  The heritage of the business is in supporting B2B marketers. 

Website personalisation at scale: 

Webeo identifies website visitors by firmographic and serves them a personalised experience in real time based on: 

  1. Vertical
  2. Size – revenue and employees 
  3. Location 

Clients can change imagery, content, case studies, client logos and CTA based on the business visiting. 

Personalisation at account level: 

Clients can tailor web experiences at individual business level, perfect for ABM campaigns. 

Each ABM target can receive its own unique experience using: 

  • Client name and logo 
  • Relevant imagery 
  • Relevant content for where prospect is in sales funnel 
  • Relevant customer content based on white space analysis 
  • Key messages relating to areas of interest 

Every page of the site can be customised. 

  • The software uses one simple line of code. There is no integration required. 
  • Webeo’s UX enables non-technical marketers to create alternate versions of their website at ease. The platform is easy and intuitive and there is no need for HTML knowledge. 
  • What kind of development roadmap does this technology have? 

UX, UI, and performance are constant focuses 2020 will see further enhancements; 

  • More sophisticated A/B testing 
  • Advanced analytics based on client feedback 
  • CRM integration to pull data on each customer and automatically serve, funnel based, individual company experiences in real time 

About its customers 

B2B marketers at CMO level and below across: 

  • Financial services 
  • Technology and media 
  • Automotive 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Business services 
  • Travel, Transport and logistics 

Webeo counts some of the UK’s most respected brands as clients including Barclaycard, Sage, Kinetic, SSE 

Webeo have built out a client value matrix to outline to sales and customer success where Webeo delivers the best result. (Please refer to artworked version of submission for graphic) 

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and development 

Retention is 90% in the first phase of churn. 

Webeo have mapped the four stages of the client journey: 

  1. Onboarding 
  2. Limbo 
  3. Adopted 
  4. Evangelist 

At the evangelist stage, the client is using the software and seeing measurable ROI. 

The phase between onboarding and adopted is essential as where possible Webeo wish to avoid any client moving into limbo stage (onboarded but with no personalisations in place) 

To deliver customer success quickly, Webeo works with clients during onboarding using their “quick-win” methodology. Webeo’s analysis shows that up to 70% of the overall impact and ROI from Webeo comes from personalisations at scale: 

  • Industry related imagery/content 
  • Size based insight and content 

Clients often want to go immediately to deep personalisation, Webeo guides them to deliver fast value first and then move deeper. 

The CS team is measured on how many clients reach the adopted and evangelist stage in order to drive retention and upsell. They also get involved with sales, advising on any clients who may not see value. 


Webeo see B2B agencies as essential for driving success. To build great relationships they have a partnership programme, working with agencies to help them upsell by running Webeo for clients if needed. 

Many vendors don’t engage but Webeo actively encourages agencies owning client relationships if needed. 20% of new client wins in 2019 came through partners. 

Tech enhancements 

What developments have occurred in the qualification towards an overall tech roadmap? 

  1. ABM module 
  2. Image bank bolt on for clients without relevant images for personalisation 
  3. Tailored permissions for users 
  4. Client determined goal setting 

Market engagement and/or leadership 

Webeo have built its own content stream around the power of personalisation. 

They regularly attend key B2B marketing events and engage with B2B Marketers through round tables and webinars. With speaking opportunities they have been clear these should give value back to B2B marketers not be used as a sales pitch. 

For the 2019 ABM conference they asked Kirsty Dawe MD ReallyB2B to talk about her views on personalisation game changers. 


Webeo has grown to £800k in revenue across 50 customers in under 2 years. The current business run rate is £1.2 million with churn at 90%. The performance was in line with objectives of £1 million revenue within 3 years.

“Webeo has enabled us to create individual home pages for each of our core sectors, we’ve also created personalised experiences at company level so if a key prospect comes on to the site we can direct them to a specific piece of content we know is relevant for them – now that’s powerful marketing! By month 3, page views were up by 24% and this is translating directly into ROI in terms of overall site conversions. We’re being so much smarter with our website thanks to Webeo.”

Sam Silverwood-Cope, Global CMO Pl-datametrics

Martech Awards 2020

This submission won the award for

UK-founded vendor of the year


Emerging vendor of the year 

at the B2B Martech Awards 2020. 

Check out the shortlist here

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