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Awards case study: Read about Digital Radish’s hyper-personalised ABM campaign with an ROI of 2567%

Digital Radish’s hyper-personalised ABM campaign helped telematics provider Masternaut reach an ROI of 2567% and hit 100% of its international engagements.

About Masternaut

Masternaut is a fleet telematics service provider. Their enterprise-grade SaaS telematics platform, Masternaut Connect, helped them grow at 25-30% per annum and fuelled their product portfolio.


The challenge of telematics becoming a commodity

With telematics, differentiation from competitors is difficult because the hardware and software can be similar. Masternaut felt the pressure of this and as a market leader with a premium brand, price was not something they could compete on.

Masternaut’s differentiation

Masternaut had an answer: the transformative power of their data and insight. Unlike other providers, Masternaut has ‘Catalytix’, their team of data scientists, analysts and consultants who catalyse change using analytics from the data collected from customer’s vehicles, identifying cost levers and unlocking revenue streams.

The challenge of next-generation vehicles

More and more, telematics devices are being installed in new vehicles at the production stage with OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz and Ford all striving for a range of connected vehicles. This posed another challenge for Masternaut, as telematics business opportunities will begin to reduce.

Masternaut’s opportunity to create a new revenue stream

However, as OEMs develop connected vehicles, their product planning process is lengthening and requires extensive efforts to understand how their vehicles are being used. The typical process entails historical data analysis from previous product planning and interviews with few customers, all of which provides minimal insights into how vehicles are actually used today. Masternaut’s data could change this.

Masternaut has a bank of the richest and most accurate data from 10,000+ Masternaut telematics customers and 250,000 connected vehicles, from a range of different commercial vehicles. This sparked the idea of Catalytix analysing and segmenting this data based on a model/range basis to reveal to OEMs how their vehicles are actually used – insights that are simply not available to them. This ABM campaign was centred around an extremely personalised report for each account using insights such as average fuel consumption, actual mileage and average number of stops made per day, to ensure new vehicle concepts are  developed to meet real-usage requirements.

Objectives of the campaign

Targeting the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, this campaign would require a bold and insightful campaign that would turn the heads of senior corporate decision-makers. A one-to-one ABM strategy with hyper- personalised content was the best approach with the following objectives/KPIs:

  • Connect with 8 personas across 6 accounts
  • Engage and open conversations with 5 personas across 6 accounts
  • Book 2x sales meetings with leading OEMs

Account identification

Digital Radish used a percent of LCVs sold in Europe, per manufacturer, as a proxy to identify who would most value these data insights. This led us to identify six leading OEM accounts to target for the campaign: Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault and GroupePSA.

Account research & insight

To truly personalise this campaign, Digtial Radish conducted in-depth research into each OEM as well as key decision-makers.

This involved extensive analysis on annual reports, press releases and market publications to form account reports (see

RenaultAccountReport) on each OEM, outlining their organisational structure, current performance and future plans

With no standardised job titles, extensive research and account mapping was required to ensure Digtial Radish reached the right stakeholders:

  • Review of organisational structures
  • Identification of key stakeholders discussing product planning within press releases
  • LinkedIn searches where job descriptions validated the most aligned personas

Appealing to the audience

The target corporate decision-makers sit within complex organisational structures at the largest and most successful automotive companies in Europe. To get their attention, the Masternaut Catalytix team conducted analysis on each OEM’s highest-selling LCV and their main target segment (e.g. last-mile delivery) to create teaser reports with up to five hooks of data insights on the usage of their vehicles, creating the ‘FOMO-effect’.

Media, channels or techniques used

Phase 1: Teaser creative and content

  • Masternautʼs unrivalled data insights uncover opportunities for OEMs. The campaign creative visualises this unveiling of opportunity in a way that sparks intrigue for the hooks: ‘Reveal your unseen advantage’.
  • Creation of the personalised teaser content reports

Phase 2: Personalised outreach

  • Alberto de Monte, Global Director of Catalytix at Masternaut, was used as the ‘face of the campaign’, due to his extensive Automotive industry experience. Digtial Radish took a personal approach, taking over his LinkedIn account for prospect outreach.
  • Content reports were distributed via LinkedIn to Alberto’s new connections through personalised messaging that directed prospects to unique landing pages. Digital Radish tracked engagement of each persona and followed up via Alberto’s account to continue that human-to-human communication.

Phase 3: Passing gate-keepers

  • After digital outreach, there were still various corporate decision-makers from each OEM, which Digtial Radish needed to engage with so Digital Radish went directly to their desks.
  • A unique DM piece was created to communicate an element of secrecy, showing that Masternaut’s insights are the key to the OEM’s success, and something that should be handled with care and protection. The DM concept contained mystery and personalisation, with the teaser report in a padlocked folder and the code to unlock given on branded biscuits.
  • As each DM landed, Alberto personally followed up with each recipient, continuing the one-to-one nurture of these accounts and securing meetings.

Timescales of the campaign


  • Account identification and research
  • Creative concept and content development


  • LinkedIn personalised messaging
  • Content distribution

April & May

  • Direct Mail distribution
  • Sales calls

ROI and engagements:

  • 2567%

  • Sales meetings booked with


    of top tier accounts
  • International engagement with


    of target accounts

  • 54%

    response rate across all account contacts  

“We’re thrilled with the auto manufacturer ABM campaign. Digital Radish came up with a creative concept that reflected our unique ability to deliver personalised insights. They transformed our data into digital and print advertising that captured our audience’s attention, one decision-maker telling us that “we definitely have [his] attention now.”

Albert Chu, VP Strategy and Marketing

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