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B2B customer experience management: A marketer’s guide | B2B Marketing

Download your step-by-step guide to designing a killer
customer experience

A clear understanding of how to effectively design and manage the customer experience can transform your retention and revenue numbers.

This free guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Packed with templates, diagrams, step-by-step processes and specialist marketer-focused advice, the guide will show you:

  • How to champion and reinforce a CX culture within your organisation.
  • How to understand the exact role your business plays in what your customers do.
  • How to profile your customers into targeted CX journeys.
  • How to visualise and design a highly effective CX blueprint.
  • How to focus on the critical aspects of customer engagement that will impact your CX success.


Practical tools, techniques and tips

Download your copy now for practical, hands-on advice that will enable you to visualise, design and execute a structured, KPI-focused CX plan.

Take a look at just some of the practical tools, tips and techniques this 22-page marketer’s manual includes:

B2B customer experience management: A marketer's guide

  • 12 underused tips for embedding a CX culture into your business.
  • A B2B buyer persona template to make persona building easy.
  • A 13-stage customer journey model for you to map to your own business.
  • A ‘customer touchpoint audit’ template to speed your process.
  • The four key steps to designing the perfect customer experience blueprint.
  • An example CX blueprint, so you can see how to put your whole plan together seamlessly.
  • A step-by-step guide to building MA into your customer experience.
  • The little-known secret to putting your brand promise at the heart of your CX.
  • How to bake ‘positive emotional response’ into your customer journey.
  • The fundamentals of effective CEM measurement and reporting.
  • The best kept secret in CX success – reciprocity.

B2B Marketing: A marketer’s guide to customer experience management

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