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B2B Marketing magazine, Spring 2021 | B2B Marketing

Launched in 2004, B2B Marketing magazine literally created an industry. After 17 wonderful years, we are saying goodbye to the magazine and hello to Propolis – our new community for B2B marketers.

This final issue celebrates the success of the magazine, but, more importantly, introduces you to all that Propolis has to offer.

Full of insight into how Propolis works, interviews with Hive experts, and takeaways from our latest Propolis roundtables and webinars, download this issue of the magazine now to learn:

  • How to win award-winning team during Covid-19
  • Why you need to start thinking seriously about brand purpose
  • How to build a world-class ABM campaign
  • Has B2B ecommerce finally come of age?
  • What physical events look like this year
  • How AI can take your business performance to a new level
  • How marketing leaders intend to maintain the momentum of the transformation agenda in 2021
  • How to optimise your martech stack to reach your full potential.

That means it is time at last to bid farewell to the ship that we sailed out in, and which launched this whole amazing world that we all live in day-to-day. For that reason, this is the last issue of B2B Marketing magazine. For me at least, that’s sad news. But what is great news is that, whilst I created the first issue almost entirely in isolation, this last one has been created in completely the opposite context. A world that is rich, vibrant, engaging, exciting, enthusiastic, creative, numerate, responsive… and so much more besides, but best of all, set for a glorious future.

Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief, B2B Marketing

Welcome to Propolis – where everyone that’s anyone in B2B wants to be.

Propolis is a new community for B2B marketers to join, utilise and enjoy. It’s a hub and focal point for all that’s great in B2B.

Discover the power of the community

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