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B2B Marketing Salary Survey 2018 | B2B Marketing

What’s the average B2B marketing manager salary? or B2B digital marketing salary?

Download this free report to find out how your salary compares across a host of roles, locations, sectors and specialisms.

B2B marketers are better paid and happier than a year ago.

Those are the two headline findings from this year’s

B2B Marketing Salary Survey

. Last year’s rather gloomy outlook has given way to a sunnier picture, with recent respondents citing higher wages, greater job satisfaction, and less likelihood of switching roles in the next year.

Now into its third year, the B2B Marketing Salary Survey features more data, more benchmarks and more answers to the questions you have. All this will help you uncover whether you’re being paid what you deserve.

B2B marketing salary 2018 trends and analysis

Download this free, 15-page report to learn the answers to:

  • Do specialists earn more than generalists?
  • What’s the average B2B marketing manager salary?
  • Which generation is the happiest at work?
  • Can anywhere in the UK match the strength of salaries in the capital?
  • Which was the most popular topic for training in the past 12 months?
  • Would a large gender pay gap make female marketers leave their jobs?

B2B Marketing Salary Survey 2018

“Marketers will be relieved last year’s fall in salaries turned out to be a blip rather than a trend”

Paul Snell, deputy editor, B2B Marketing

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