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B2B Marketing’s top women in tech

We asked for your nominations. You answered. Here are the top female tech marketers making an impact in the industry.

When we decided to write this article, we were slightly apprehensive. Would we be able to find enough female martech experts to shine a light on? According to a report by PwC only 5% of women in technology are in leadership roles.

But rather than focusing on what there isn’t, we wanted to focus on what there is. And wow is there some talent.

The moment we sent out the call for nominations, our inboxes started to flood. Some were from those hoping to have their own work recognised, others had colleagues who felt they deserved a pat on the back. Some nominations came from distant admirers. 

We’re thrilled to have received just under 100 nominations of women from a tech-based business or one that offers martech services. We focused on client-side companies, looking in every industry from telecoms to cloud services and security systems to VR.

Each of the 100 nominations went through a strict vetting process that benchmarked them on the following criteria. The nominees where then given a score of between 1-150 and ranked in descending order.

This feature has been written exclusively for our members. Membership is free and only takes five minutes to complete, giving you access to find out the following:

  • The scoring criteria.
  • The top 10 women in B2B tech.
  • The rest of the top 20 women in tech.
  • Those succeeding in specialist areas.

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