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Being successful post-GDPR: 9 steps | B2B Marketing

Andy Grant, B2B Marketing trainer and GDPR expert, outlines the 9 essential steps for GDPR success post-implementation.

We’re now seeing the new GDPR framework take effect – and I believe it continues to offer B2B marketers the greatest opportunity for business transformation in a generation.

It requires marketers to take operational, technological and organisational steps to ensure their data sourcing, communication, capture and storage practices are compliant with GDPR.

As a result, over time, marketers should begin to focus upon data quality over quantity and become more selective about their data storage, processes, providers and partners.

How does the modern B2B marketer go about being successful post-GDPR?

What is post-GDPR success, what does it look like, and how is it measured?

Is it as simple as not having any data subjects object to be contacted, or is it more not to have any data subjects lodge a complaint with the ICO about your businesses communications conduct?

It is much more than that; GDPR is about communicating with an audience that want to hear about your products and services and is interested in your communications and who will interact with your brand and your messages.

During the past three weeks in the UK we’ve experienced some truly amazing weather, it’s been scorchio, the sun is constantly shining, the air is warm, and everyone is happy to enjoy life outside.

It reminds me of summers back when I grew up in Australia when we spent all day outside playing.

The garden needs attention in the summer months, especially the lawn.

I, like many dads, get a little bit obsessed with my lawn.

I like to keep it green or at least on the green side, it gets fed every three months to remove the moss and keep the grass lush and healthy.

But with this latest stretch of beaming sun and high temperatures, the lawn is looking more like a rough shade of brown rather than a lovely British racing green.

I need to maintain a watering strategy to ensure my grass does not just shrivel up and die.

Giving it a soaking once is not going to do it any good – it needs regular watering.

Like my grass, the GDPR framework is a process of ongoing action.

It’s not a one-off training session and then you never give it any thought.

It’s both an excuse and a reason to explore new social selling techniques to create increased marketing results.

GDPR promotes the need to consider alternative marketing campaigns and tactics plus develop a content management strategy to drive increased interaction with your target market.

GDPR compliance can mean something completely different from business to business.

It can mean a new data management process to one business, or it could mean a complete business transformation project to another.

Customer and prospect data are vital in communicating with and attracting new customers so being successful post-GDPR is a must, not an option.

Being successful requires an understanding of the essential steps for marketing need to take post-GDPR to plan, deploy and engage with customers and prospects.

Essential steps for marketing success post-GDPR:

  1. Consider alternative marketing campaigns and tactics.
  2. Include the principles of GDPR into all future marketing activities.
  3. Focus on the data subject and adapt communication methods to their preferences.
  4. Streamline your approach to set up integrated marketing campaigns.
  5. Maintain a GDPR complaint data and privacy policy.
  6. Understand the ePrivacy reform (ePR) in relation to the current Privacy and electronic communications regulations (PECR).
  7. Educate your colleagues to explore social selling techniques.
  8. Accountability for all employees to adhere to the principles of GDPR.
  9. Come to grips with the possibility of deleting data.

Whatever your type of business, GDPR is here and it’s already a catalyst for change and for the promotion of responsible B2B marketing.

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