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BEST PRACTICE: Company values | B2B Marketing

Strong company values not only form an important source of direction for an organisation as a whole, but a well-defined company personality can make an organisation stand apart from its rivals. Stopgap’s success started with a strong and defined mission that has enabled us to grow into an innovative, international, multi-million pound business of which to be proud. Principally, we have two aims: to change the recruitment industry’s reputation for low levels of client and candidate service and to run a company where staff enjoy coming to work.

As well as a clearly defined mission statement, it is imperative for an organisation to successfully develop a strong sense of company personality; an identity and values that represent the essence of your business.

Consider first the attributes for which you would like your company to be respected. Ours are passion, dynamism, honesty, knowledge, enterprise, team-focus, commitment and above all, an enjoyable workplace! These qualities, which underlie our company personality, are relevant to clients, candidates, employers and stakeholders alike, including – most importantly – employees. As the business has grown and employed more people maintaining these values has been key to success.

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