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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Business-to-business marketing’ by Ross Brennan et al. | B2B Marketing


Business-to-Business Marketing


Ross Brennan, Louise Canning & Raymond McDowell

Published by:

Sage Publications 2007
This is a serious, properly researched, intellectual text compared with the latest ‘Ten easy steps to cut out hard work’ placebo from the airport bookshop. Admittedly, it will most likely find its way onto many reading lists for academic courses, but it is of equal value to the seasoned practitioner.
This year’s insight research document showed how undervalued proper, rigorous, academic understanding is in our industry and it’s up to us as an industry to promote a greater knowledge base, hence the importance of books like this one.
Written by three experienced B2B marketing practitioners, researchers and educators, this book contains both practical and theoretical substance. Unlike many others it is consciously set in the context of the 21st century UK market rather than being US-biased or based on theory from the pre-digital era. It is therefore as instantly accessible to those of us who are ‘doing it for real’ as it is to students.

Review by Danny Turnbull,
MD, Cicero



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