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BOOK REVIEW: The Snowball Effect – Communication Techniques to Make You Unstoppable | B2B Marketing


Andy Bounds




Emily Randall

, marketing and business development officer,

Mott MacDonald

This is my new favourite book.

The Snowball Effect’s

subtitle: ‘How to make your communications unstoppable’ sounded like an ideal outcome that might not actually be achievable. However, Andy really makes this aim simple to achieve. I read the first chapter and thought “wow, I get it, and I can actually do this”.

The book is written in very straight forward language, and Andy’s points are so compelling that you cannot help but agree with him. I found myself thinking “that’s so obvious” but then if it is obvious then why was I not doing it before? He provides lots of methods to use, and ways to remember them such as anagrams and stories. Andy gives a number of templates to follow, such as emails and PowerPoint presentations, as well as simple steps that you can integrate into your daily tasks.

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