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BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Logitech targets ‘The new office’ | B2B Marketing

Logitech has launched a video campaign to reach ‘The new office’ in a bid to raise brand awareness.

The technology provider is aiming to tap into the new ‘anywhere workplace’ mentality and provide equipment that allows employees to continue working away from the office.

The global, open-ended campaign features four videos that portray different ‘new office’ situations. Videos include ‘The dinner meeting’ where a young executive clears family pictures from his dining room walls so it looks like he’s still in the office when he switches his webcam on, and ‘Diva’ where a female executive gets so frustrated with her office technology she breaks down and the savvy IT guy comes to the rescue with Logitech equipment.

Speaking about the idea behind the campaign, Chad Thompson, worldwide B2B marketing director at Logitech, said, “The idea of the new office speaks to most companies and their workforces. It perfectly reflects the evolving nature of how we work today, and reminds businesses why Logitech is more relevant today to their business than ever before.”

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