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BRANDING NEWS: SDL unites under one brand | B2B Marketing

Global information management solutions firm SDL has consolidated its business units under one brand with a unified mission.


All business units in SDL, including SDL Tridion, SDL XySoft and SDL TRADOS Technologies, SDL Enterprise Technologies and SDL Language Services, will be referred to as divisions of SDL in a move to unify the SDL brand.

After a series of strategic acquisitions and research and development investment, SDL has expanded its technology offer from language technology into structured content technologies, web content management and most recently ecommerce technologies.

The different business units of SDL will become one of five specialised divisions: Structured Content Technologies, Web Content Management Solutions, eCommerce Technologies, Language Technologies and Language Services.

“This is an important move for SDL in ensuring that we provide one unified and consistent message to the market,” commented Mark Lancaster, CEO and chairman of SDL.

“This does not change who SDL’s customers talk to in the different divisions, nor does it change our products or goals. This re-naming of the different divisions as part of SDL only affects the way we refer to the different solutions we provide. ”

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