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BT and Symantec target SMEs with new security protection | B2B Marketing

BT and Symantec have partnered to provide SMEs with an endpoint security solution.

The communication company and cyber-security business have announced a new joint endpoint protection for BT customers.

Cybersecurity landscape has changed in recent years 

Over half of SMEs within the UK have experienced a cybersecurity attack, according to a recent government survey.

The potential fines presented by GDPR have evoked concern for cybersecurity


over three-quarters of marketers admitted they felt a security breach would damage brand reputation.

This suggests why a number of security-orientated products have launched on the B2B market this year.

Mike Fey, president and COO at Symantec, said: “Enterprises large and small are facing a perfect storm with a growing attack surface, intensifying regulatory scrutiny and an increasingly sophisticated cyber kill chain. Today’s attacks are multi-faceted, multi-staged and the endpoint is one of the most critical vulnerabilities.”

The product has been specifically targeted to SMEs

The new product, known as BT Device Protection has been launched as a cloud-based service in order to tailor to SMEs. 

The protection will cover up to three devices per licence and will update the user about potential threats on a daily basis. Anti-spyware, firewall and antivirus software will also block data theft, dangerous web traffic and malware.

Mark Hughes, CEO at BT Security, said: “SMEs are just as vulnerable to cyber attacks as larger enterprises, and as the powerhouse of the UK economy, they need more protection from the rapidly evolving cyber-crime industry. By adding Symantec endpoint protection to our already broach security portfolio, we’re further extending our ability to help our customers stay secure in the face of growing cyber threats.

“It’s an integral part of our shared commitment with Symantec to help organisations of all sizes stay secure as they build their digital future.”

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