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Business Software 101: The In’s and Out’s Of Order Management Systems | B2B Marketing

An order management system is primarily designed to enable a business to execute orders they receive in an efficient and also cost-effective way. The guiding principle is to deliver significant and tangible cost savings whilst enhancing the customer service experience for anyone placing an order with a business that runs a system to help them achieve their sales and e-Commerce objectives.

Processing orders from different platforms

Order management software

allows you to receive and process orders from a variety of different platforms, either business or consumer, giving you the capability to control offers and pricing via manual sales, mail order or more often than not these days, through an e-Commerce portal.

What you are looking to achieve for your business by using an integrated order management system is to draw all the different components involved in running your business and fulfilling orders received, together into a management system that gives you flexibility to analyze and manipulate data in order to achieve a greater level of efficiency, which often has a positive impact on the bottom line.

The various different components or modules that operate as independent aspects are encompassed into a powerful system by using software that should be versatile enough in its design to meet your individual needs.

This means that all the separate information held such as product information, inventory availability, marketing data such as pricing and discounts, customer details and all aspects of order processing like selection, picking, packing and shipping, are all combined within a master system that then allows you to easily produce sales reports and financial information.

Improved efficiency

It is not difficult to see how using an order management system will make it much easier to keep track of customer orders, improve your billing operation and allow you to closely monitor stock levels and sales data in general, meaning you can identify products that are selling well and ensure that you have sufficient stock and resources to anticipate the level of demand.

The new retail imperative

If you are serious about looking for a competitive edge for your business that does not just involve pricing, then the vibe amongst many business consultants and sales-orientated professionals is that order management systems should definitely be considered as the new retail imperative.

One driving factor that dictates the potential successful path that a business can take is

future planning

and with this in mind, it would be a sound decision to take stock of what your current systems and technology have to offer and consider whether you should take the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors by creating an edge through better data management and more controlled or even reduced overheads, as a result of improved efficiency.

The spine of your operation

The right order management system has the power and capability to become the very spine of your operation and the driving force that allows you to concentrate on growing your e-Commerce business, confident in the knowledge that you have a system in place that can cope with any future upscale in orders and demands put upon it.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that order management systems are the very backbone of any multi-channel retail operation and if you choose and design your system with the help of your provider, to meet your current and future requirements then it will become the indispensable go-to hub that will help to bind every aspect of your business together.

Vital intelligence

From the point of sale moment when the


button is clicked, your order management system should have the power to take an intelligent view of stock, which will allow customers to choose their preferred method of delivery and enjoy an often pleasure and trouble-free purchasing experience, which inevitably leads to satisfied customers and often results in repeat orders as well.

Any business should always be on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge and order management systems are certainly one confirmed way of achieving this aim.

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