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CAMPAIGN NEWS: GE launches matrix style video campaign | B2B Marketing

Across the pond,

General Electric

(GE) has brushed the cobwebs from Agent Smith’s iconic suit, and repurposed the ‘Matrix’ movie’s arch-nemesis as an ‘agent of good’. 

The ‘Brilliant machines’ campaign aims to reinforce the brand’s ability to unite big iron with big data to increase efficiency, and ultimately ‘transform the way we work’. Leveraged towards business decision makers and tech influencers, the campaign launched not to solve an overarching problem, but to promote GE’s growing power. 

Launched this month, the latest film, GE Healthcare showcases AgileTrac patient tracking solution. In this instance, the firm plugged the television airwaves with the Agent Smith ad, in what GE coined an ‘eternally brilliant week’.

Influenced by the sinister and sci-fi, the healthcare ad was shot in Florida’s Aventura Hospital and directed by ‘Pineapple Express’’ David Gordon Green. Featuring Hugo Weaving, who once again dons Agent Smith’s black suit, shades and earpiece; the film depicts data’s journey as the machines begin to talk to each other to create real-time information. The agent, a renowned symbol of data, appears jealous of the new technology, promoting GE’s ability to ‘change the way we work’.

‘Brilliant machines’ demonstrates how the tracking solution connects the right people to the right patients and equipment, increasing efficiency. Agent Smith notes: “Now a waiting room is just a room”. The thought provoking message hangs in the air, reinforcing the real benefits of GE technology as an ‘agent of good’.

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