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CASE STUDY: ‘Alpha Saddle’s product launch’ by Duplo International | B2B Marketing

Duplo International

Duplo International is one of the World’s leading suppliers of print finishing equipment. The company vision statement declares that our goal is to ‘enable our customers to turn paper into great communication’. The action of turning printed paper into a product is where the true value of print is realised, and this is where Duplo products enable their customers to do so in the most effective and profitable way possible.

Business objectives and how the Alpha Saddle relates to this

Duplo is constantly looking at the demands of its customers to produce innovative products that will allow them to expand their businesses and profits.

With huge innovations in the print finishing market, Duplo have taken huge steps to improve their method of communicating their products functions and output applications. This was first experienced with the development of the DC-645 sample pack. A product Duplo previously had difficulty explaining its function. Since the release of the pack, sales have risen over 100 per cent, including sales to new unchartered markets, such as graphic designers.

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