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CASE STUDY: ‘Hand in hand with the environment’ for Veolia Environmental Services by IAS B2B | B2B Marketing

When you have a brand that stands for among other things ‘the bin men’, what do you do? The status quo in the waste management sector suggested every player was content to settle for that. But the stakeholders (the UK) weren’t. The world is waking up to the idea of waste as a resource. Not to just be thrown away to the detriment of the environment but to be altered and re-engineered back into the fabric of society.

Luckily Veolia Environmental Services had been living up to growing expectations, in practice at least. It was time to re-position them in line with their capabilities: a champion of responsible waste management and a partner of the environment.

Based on extensive research and opinion, IAS developed a campaign to re-engage stakeholders and redefine the brand. ‘Hand in hand with the environment’ used the beautiful hand paintings of Italian artist Guido Daniele to symoblise the part Veolia plays in transforming waste and attitudes, making the point in style.

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