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CASE STUDY: Iron Mountain | B2B Marketing

Information management and storage company,

Iron Mountain Europe,

is a large B2B company that places a great deal of emphasis on driving leads (e.g. capturing a person’s name and contact details) to generate sales activity.

Iron Mountain Europe looks to bring its message of information management and storage to those people in businesses that are responsible for data security, management and compliance. Often these responsibilities are spread across a variety of roles within a business so Iron Mountain’s target audience includes people who are in finance, compliance, legal and facilities management roles.

The Challenge: Quality

Although Iron Mountain was benefiting from an increased conversion rate, the information management company was seeing a decrease in the quality of the leads generated through its websites.
Visitors to Iron Mountain sites were completing forms not only to register their interest in the company’s services, but to enquire about career opportunities. Furthermore, phone numbers provided through the form were often delivered in a format incompatible with Salesforce, the platform used by the Iron Mountain sales team to capture and measure online sales-related activity.
Iron Mountain brought in iProspect, a performance marketing specialist. iProspect meets the needs of Iron Mountain Europe as it provides a range of services that supports its online marketing goals in a single vendor relationship. In addition, Iron Mountain Europe works across eight major European markets, iProspect also matches these needs with coverage in all of these markets.

The solution: Optimising form validation to improve lead quality

Working closely with

Nimesh Parmar

, online marketing manager for Iron Mountain Europe, iProspect undertook an audit of the form process to identify the problems. iProspect and Iron Mountain then took the decision to implement a new validation script and design using Optimizely – iProspect’, testing platform of choice.

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